The Broken Almanac

by Kevin Leigh Robinson

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When I was 15, I fell from a cliff at the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains in Alabama. I was standing on an ice waterfall that was hidden by leaves and plummeted over 60 feet to the frozen rocks below. I crushed 3 vertebrae that had to be recreated with bone from my hip, broke a rib that punctured my right lung, opened up my skull and bit off a few back teeth. The following years of recovery was made bearable by recording with a 4-track cassette and a clearance sale acoustic guitar that I've had with me every day since. This guitar has been my Linus blanket during the toughest periods in my life and I used this guitar exclusively while recording these songs. This recording is an effort to share my scars in as personal (and hopefully humorous) a fashion as I'm able. Thanks for listening.
This is my first solo album, I'm glad you found me.


released May 11, 2017




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Kevin Leigh Robinson

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Track Name: The Tower
Baby I still love you
Please call me back
Based on a true story
From The Broken Almanac

The Tower now has tumbled
Cards have all come down
The life that we once dreamed of
Burned to the ground

When things ain't the same no more
You can't go back to who you were before

Where's my field of vision?
Who is in my dream?
What's our destination?
Why is it unseen?

When things ain't the same no more
You can't go back to who you were before
Track Name: Good Morning Sweetheart
Good morning sweetheart, how are you?
I want to do everything you do
I want to play every game you play
I'll be your man every night and day
Good morning sweetheart, I love you

Good morning sweetheart, did you dream?
And was it real like this life seems?
Was your heartbeat beating fast?
Well I'm so glad you're awake at last
Good morning sweetheart, I love you

And if you should choose to go on your way
Then I'll keep the fire burning for you
Night and day, hear me say:
Hey, hey hey...

Good morning sweetheart, my best friend
I'm ride or die til this world ends
Kiss me goodnight with no sad goodbye's
I'm here to say when you open your eyes
Good morning sweetheart, I love you
I love you, Yes I love you
Track Name: Pearl
Everyone keeps wandering baby
Nobody knows where to go
If you want the truth little thunder
You can see a world that no one knows

You know the scars we carry
Shared all the bad things we've done
Reaching for the pearl in a dead, black sea
Shining like a diamond in the sun

But no one stays the same
and people always change
like paper on a wall

The night I held you something happened
I couldn't tell where it came from
If I could fight the world with you by my side
I would be the man who's truly won

But no one stays the same
and people always change
like paper on a wall
Track Name: Reach Forya
Deep feels making me freeze
Girl you got me bent at the knees
I can't be seen in these tight blue jeans in a family park
God it's daylight, kill me now, I'll move when it turns dark
And I reach forya each time

Tongue turned tangled and tied
Wrong words will wrangle this vibe
I'll shut my mouth cause this right angle cuts right through your side
You ask me what my problem is and I'll answer every time
When I reach forya each time
Track Name: Bankrupt Blues (Nobody Calling Me Back)
My friends can't get enough
Of bread and circus trucks
Keeping the ring top on track

Our hearts are unemployed
This discount packaged joy
Is all that's left out on the racks

There's nobody calling me back
To tell me why we are this way

Dear souls on either side
I'm afraid it's all a lie
Tripping on what you'd call "facts"

We've got those bankrupt blues
It's got heart but mixed reviews
On how it holds up in the sack

There's nobody calling me back
Nobody calling me back

I've been down, down before babe
Easy now, you know what I want?
Easy now, it's the truth